ZipSafe is an anti-theft backpack company dedicated to safeguarding your belongings with innovative features designed for peace of mind and safety on the go. Committed to redefining travel and daily commutes, ZipSafe merges cutting-edge technology with sleek design, offering a range of backpacks engineered to threat theft attempts and protect your essentials. Link Creative helped them refine their brand strategy and digital presence to help drive engagement and ultimately their sales.

The Problem

ZipSafe faced a multifaceted challenge rooted in its digital presence. With a lack of focused content and inconsistent engagement across various social media platforms, they struggled to resonate with their target audience effectively. Moreover, their reach remained limited, hindering potential growth opportunities. Recognizing the importance of a cohesive and vibrant online presence in today’s competitive landscape, ZipSafe sought to revitalize its marketing strategy. By addressing its content gaps, enhancing consistency across platforms, and expanding its reach, ZipSafe aimed to forge stronger connections with its audience and establish a commanding presence in the market

The Solution

To address ZipSafe’s challenges effectively, our team devised a comprehensive solution tailored to elevate their digital presence and engagement. We initiated a dynamic content strategy, capturing photos in diverse settings to appeal to the varied archetypes of the brand’s audience. Consistency became our mantra as we committed to posting engaging content on all relevant social media platforms four to six times a week, ensuring continuous interaction with consumers. Additionally, we implemented a refined brand strategy, meticulously crafting messaging and visuals to enhance ZipSafe’s relevance compared to its competitors. This holistic approach not only revitalized ZipSafe’s online presence but also positioned them as a formidable force in their industry, driving increased engagement and brand recognition.

The Results

The branding process for ZipSafe began with our understanding more about the goals and niche. They faced a significant challenge in effectively communicating their brand message and engaging with their target audience online. 

With an unwavering focus on security and convenience, ZipSafe empowers adventurers, commuters, and travelers alike to navigate their journeys with confidence. Our job was to increase their reach to these target audiences. By addressing their content gaps, enhancing consistency across platforms, and expanding our reach, ZipSafe has been able to forge stronger connections with its audience and establish a strong presence in the market.

Their team understood the importance of a digital presence. Through a dynamic content strategy, we captured the essence of ZipSafe, showcasing their anti-theft backpacks in diverse settings that resonated with their audience. This approach not only addressed their content gaps but also enhanced consistency across all social media platforms.

Thanks to our partnership’s holistic approach and dedication to success, we’ve seen tangible results including generating over 40,000 impressions in a few months as well as seeing an increase of 1,100% in overall impressions and an 800% increase in engagements with their brand.